MISTLETOE GAMES: A Jaci Burton Review

***ARC Received from NetGalley for an honest review***

Hey all! I was fortunate enough to get the chance to FINALLY read Mistletoe Games the holiday anthology set from Jaci Burton!

18086963Holiday Games takes us back to Liz and Gavin Riley after they’ve married. Liz, as with all the women of the Play by Play series, is strong and independent. Her whole life she’s done what she could to get ahead despite having a gigantic crush on her client Gavin. in Changing the Game we got to see her walls finally come down and watch as her and Gavin fell head over heels for one another in an explosive affair. Now we get to glimpse into their life as they attempt to get pregnant. I like the fact that Burton took the route of the difficulty of pregnancy. Liz struggles with herself and the troubles she’s had to get pregnant. I also enjoy that Burton didn’t focus just on Gavin’s support of Liz, she focused on Liz’s ability to have faith in herself and from her closest girlfriends and family. Truly a heartwarming story that I love!

20985459Holiday on Ice introduces us to two knew but familiar characters, Stella: the lead ballerina and Trick, the stud hockey player. Stella’s past holds a terrible break up that leaves her without the ability to commit to any man. She has no problem having her fun with them and Trick was one of the best she ever had. When Trick sees Stella months after they seemingly drifted apart, he knows he can’t let her go again. Undeniably attracted to one another, these two make for one steamy pair. But when Trick begins to lay out how he feels and Stella fears that the past may rear its head again, she can’t decide what to do. Trick’s commitment to Stella and his honesty with her is what drew me most to him. Plus glimpses of Drew and Carolina made me exceedingly happy!

26040381Hot Holiday Nights is one of the sexiest Jaci Burton stories I have EVER read! WHEW! Victoria is finally on vacation in Hawaii after working her ass off as a sports agent and she’s been looking forward to some much deserved vacation bliss. What she didn’t expect was a surfing competition that leads her to sexy surfer Alex and a hot night between them. Surprisingly after their tryst it turns out that Alex’s agent, Ben, had been in the room and witnessed their love affair! Now Victoria’s got eyes for Ben too; and it seems they both don’t mind sharing. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. After nights of insane pleasure beyond their dreams, Victoria, Ben, and Alex have to come to terms with how they all feel for one another…and what the future will hold. This last story honestly took me by surprise and i have to commend Burton for going a little out of her general romance/sexy field in the steamiest scenes I’ve ever read from her!

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