HEATED PURSUIT – An April Hunt Review

**ARC received from NetGalley for an honest review**

April Hunt’s Heated Pursuit is one hot, thrilling, alpha novel the likes of Maya Banks’ KGI and Julie Ann Walker’s BKI. I hadn’t read anything from her before but was immediately hooked from the synopsis!

Penny Kline has made the drastic change from counselor to bounty hunter when the last member of her family, her beloved nice Rachel, is kidnapped by the kingpin of drug lords. Little did she expect to run in to alpha hottie Rafe Ortega on her mission to Honduras to infiltrate and rescue.

Let me tell you this little firecracker red-head was one of the best sassy female leads I’ve read in a long time. Penny holds her own and fights for what she believes in and has trained for in order to rescue Rachel. She’s got one hell of a strong mind and pushes herself to cross lines she never would’ve imagined. Fighting deadly mean in alleyways, going undercover to a crime lords home, running through the jungle in a suicide mission; this girl does it all with no fear and mega-courage. I love, love, LOVED Penny.

Rafe was one hot-headed alpha; something we’re used to seeing. But there was something different about him that made me like him. You DO see his caring side form the get go. Penny does try to drag it out of him, try to make him see it. But I liked that as a reader we got the chance to see his thought processes and how he saw Penny and the world around him. It was a lot brighter that he even thought himself. Plus he had just the right amount of bossy that would melt any girl. These two were a match made in jungle heaven!

I’m so excited for more the Alpha Security series from April Hunt! Trey’s book is next (Penny’s seemingly long lost somewhat foster brother). But i’m a bit more excited for Vince’s or Charlie’s book!!!

Unitl next review…

XOXO Nalla

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5200579.jpg.pngApril blames her addiction for chocolate on growing up near the country’s chocolate capital, Hershey, Pennsylvania. Born and raised in a rural area, April always had lots of time to cultivate an active imagination, penning her first book at the age of ten, with a child’s typewriter a lot of liquid white-out. Even though both her stories and writing methods have changed drastically through the years, one thing hasn’t.

Her imagination.

Cowboys, military men, and alpha bad boys with a penchant for corrupting the good girl are among her favorite heroes to bring to the page. As both a contemporary and romantic suspense author, April loves sweet, second-chance romances as well as the thrills and squeals of being involved with a man who feels more naked without his Glock than without his skivvies.

When April’s not donning her writing gloves, she’s busy raising two energetic kids and husband. And there isn’t a day that passes when she’s not dreaming up yet another happily ever after…



KEPT – A Maya Banks Review

**ARC Received from NetGalley for an honest review***

Maya Banks is back with her Enforcer Series third installment: KEPT

Silas has a tragic past that makes him the perfect right hand to the one and only Drake. But when downtrodden Hayley steps into his path he suddenly can’t control the urges he has to own her and make her his.

I loved Silas when we first met him in Mastered. The quiet sidekick (although thats a poor name for his role in Drake’s life, he IS his brother) struck a chord with me and i hoped that one day Banks would tell us his story. I had no idea how tragic it truly was. Banks left me speechless and heartbroken from the horrid details that transpired from Silas childhood. No one deserves love more than this man.

Hayley made me want to fight for her from the get-go. Strong-willed despite the tragic past and fate that befalls her. She exudes this finite level of innocence and stubbornness is one tiny package. I don’t think there has ever been a more perfect depiction of the fine line between helpless and hopeful. I was rooting for these two from the start.

The pain that Silas goes through in order to protect Hayley after he realizes their whirlwind romance has gone too far gutted me! Here is man who says and does all the right things for a woman he truly cares for and who deserves that love but he cannot see the forest for the trees! He doesn’t believe he is worthy of Hayley. Bless her for all she went through to bring him back to us!

Really, really hoping Maddox is next but Zander won me over a bit more this time too.

Until next review…

XOXO Nalla

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Start at the beginning with MASTERED…


Connect with Maya…

MayaBanks03_home.jpg I live in Texas with my husband, three children and assortmentof cats. There’s also the dog that my daughter presented us a two page written proposal on why she should have it. (Don’t ask) When I’m not writing, I can be found hunting, fishing or playing poker. A southern girl born and bred, I love life below the Mason Dixon, and more importantly, I love bringing southern charactersand settings to life in my stories. Not all my stories are set in the south, but most are 😉



MISTLETOE GAMES: A Jaci Burton Review

***ARC Received from NetGalley for an honest review***

Hey all! I was fortunate enough to get the chance to FINALLY read Mistletoe Games the holiday anthology set from Jaci Burton!

18086963Holiday Games takes us back to Liz and Gavin Riley after they’ve married. Liz, as with all the women of the Play by Play series, is strong and independent. Her whole life she’s done what she could to get ahead despite having a gigantic crush on her client Gavin. in Changing the Game we got to see her walls finally come down and watch as her and Gavin fell head over heels for one another in an explosive affair. Now we get to glimpse into their life as they attempt to get pregnant. I like the fact that Burton took the route of the difficulty of pregnancy. Liz struggles with herself and the troubles she’s had to get pregnant. I also enjoy that Burton didn’t focus just on Gavin’s support of Liz, she focused on Liz’s ability to have faith in herself and from her closest girlfriends and family. Truly a heartwarming story that I love!

20985459Holiday on Ice introduces us to two knew but familiar characters, Stella: the lead ballerina and Trick, the stud hockey player. Stella’s past holds a terrible break up that leaves her without the ability to commit to any man. She has no problem having her fun with them and Trick was one of the best she ever had. When Trick sees Stella months after they seemingly drifted apart, he knows he can’t let her go again. Undeniably attracted to one another, these two make for one steamy pair. But when Trick begins to lay out how he feels and Stella fears that the past may rear its head again, she can’t decide what to do. Trick’s commitment to Stella and his honesty with her is what drew me most to him. Plus glimpses of Drew and Carolina made me exceedingly happy!

26040381Hot Holiday Nights is one of the sexiest Jaci Burton stories I have EVER read! WHEW! Victoria is finally on vacation in Hawaii after working her ass off as a sports agent and she’s been looking forward to some much deserved vacation bliss. What she didn’t expect was a surfing competition that leads her to sexy surfer Alex and a hot night between them. Surprisingly after their tryst it turns out that Alex’s agent, Ben, had been in the room and witnessed their love affair! Now Victoria’s got eyes for Ben too; and it seems they both don’t mind sharing. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. After nights of insane pleasure beyond their dreams, Victoria, Ben, and Alex have to come to terms with how they all feel for one another…and what the future will hold. This last story honestly took me by surprise and i have to commend Burton for going a little out of her general romance/sexy field in the steamiest scenes I’ve ever read from her!

Until next review!

XOXO Nalla









THE FIX-UP: A Kendall Ryan Review


From New York Times Bestseller, Kendall Ryan, comes a sexy new standalone novel.


My tempting, and very alpha friend Sterling Quinn is someone I consider off-limits.

It’s not just that we’re friends, he’s also cocky, confident, and British, which means he’s a walking aphrodisiac.

But lately he’s been giving me the look. You know the one. When he thinks I’m not paying attention, and his gaze lingers for too long.

And then we start working together, and that’s when the sexual tension between us gets so thick, I want to hack through it with a machete. I want to make all these deep feelings I’ve harbored for him disappear, because there’s no way this can end well.

The lines between business and pleasure become irrevocably blurred, and I’m stuck between a rock, and Sterling’s very, very hard place.

Rather than keep a level head about our growing attraction, Sterling wants to go all in, showing me just how explosive we can be together.

But I’ve been around long enough to know that this British bad boy is more than my heart can handle. I’m not about to be cast aside like yesterday’s underwear when he’s done having fun.

Sterling’s never been told no, and he’s not about to put his ego aside and play by my rules. But I never thought he’d fight so dirty.



I twist the doorknob, and finding it unlocked, let myself inside.

Sterling’s place is compact, but modern and classy. It suits him. After a quick glance around the living space, I spot him on the balcony outside, just beyond the glass doors at the far end of the living room. He’s facing away from me, his hands gripping the railing, his head bowed.

My smile from moments ago is gone. Seeing him like this—looking distraught—brings the reality of our situation crashing back.

Sterling suddenly turns and we lock eyes. A thousand emotions are revealed in his eyes, but mostly there’s anger. There’s also a sadness in his gaze that I’ve never seen. It’s haunting.

I swallow a lump in my throat, wondering what’s going on.

“Sterling?” I ask, slowly approaching the balcony.

It’s beautiful—plush pillows and twinkling lights, and a chilled bottle of white wine all nestled together in a romantic picnic for two.

He lets out a heavy sigh and runs one hand through his hair.

“This is beautiful,” I say since he hasn’t spoken, hasn’t even moved from the spot where he’s rooted, and his stony silence is killing me. “Are you okay?”

“Just fine,” he says curtly, his gaze looking past me.

He doesn’t seem fine. He seems off. Why go through all the effort if he’s just going to act sullen and withdrawn?

And what could have possibly changed in the twenty-four hours since we last spoke on the phone? He seemed so excited—like he hadn’t a care in the world. Now it seems he doesn’t want me here.

“If this is a bad time, if tonight doesn’t work . . .” I trail off, my voice suddenly shaky.

“The meal’s already prepared.” He brushes past me, headed toward the kitchen.

Unsure what to do, I follow behind him.

He’s acting like an asshole, and I suddenly feel so stupid for getting all done up tonight. I’m not going to stand around and embarrass myself by begging for his attention.

“You know what? Never mind. This was a bad idea, anyway. I’ll see myself out.” I turn and head for the front door, anger and rejection dueling inside me.

It takes all of three seconds before Sterling’s long strides catch him up to me by the door. His grip around my wrist stops me. “Wait.”

I turn and face him. I’m halfway between wanting to flee and staying to hear his explanation.

He releases a heavy exhale. “I received a phone call just before you arrived.”

With him so near, the combination of his clean soap and his spicy cologne intoxicates me. Memories of our intimate dinner rush back. But apparently tonight is not meant to be a repeat. Waiting to see what he’ll say next, I inhale and hold my breath.

When he doesn’t continue, I ask, “Is everything okay?”


***ARC received from InkSlingerPR for an honest review***

This was my first Kendall Ryan book and I was not disappointed! Sterling Quinn is one tempting man and watching him attempt to win over Camyrn Palmer was so entertaining. Sterling has a reputation for being a ladies man and isn’t one to have issues spending time with a woman. But that may come to en end when he finds out that a multi-million dollar inheritance is headed is way and it has one condition: he’s got to be married. Cameron Palmer makes it her business to handle any PR nightmare; and when Sterling comes up on her docket she realizes her crush on him may just get in the way of helping him find a wife.

Sterling seems to have an innate ability to push Camryn at just the right time and to the right extent. He knows they need to work together but he can’t seem to fight the attraction he has to her. The constant will they/won’t they edge to the story kept me going the whole story. Camyrn is completely  relatable for me as far as how she needs to be independent after her showdown with her last ex. Trusting Sterling isn’t something she can take likely: she’s known him as a womanizer and  serial monogamist. But when he starts to show how he’s enjoyed spending time with her in a non-sexual way, she can’t help but imagine that there may be something there. The push-pull of her battling her feelings for him were nail biting. You knew how Sterling truly felt and you just wanted to shout at her to go for it!


Ryan completely threw me for a loop when Camryn’s friend and assistant, Anna, decided to throw in her hat and try to date Sterling!! I was in SHOCK! Honestly…thinking “No way…she’s got to be up to something to help get these two together..” But no…she just threw out the girlfriend code book and went gung ho. Touche, Ryan…you got me good!

Absolutely going to add more of her to my future reading list! Until next review…

XOXO Nalla

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kendall-ryan-headshot-1-picABOUT THE AUTHOR:

A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 1.5 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world. She’s a traditionally published author with Simon & Schuster and Harper Collins UK, as well as an independently published author. Since she first began self-publishing in 2012, she’s appeared at #1 on Barnes & Noble and iBooks charts around the world. Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than three dozen times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine.

Visit her at: www.kendallryanbooks.com for the latest book news, and fun extras

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BURN DOWN THE NIGHT – An M. O’Keefe Review

“Sometimes bad people do good things.”

**ARC received from NetGalley for an honest review**

Joan is not your typical girl. The ex-stripper and all around wild child is about to put her crazy antics to good use. When she escapes a cultist leader’s drug ring and has to leave her sister behind in his clutches, she does what she can to get her sister back. Trap the man in a strip club and bomb the place until she gets her way.

That is until Max steps in where he shouldn’t. Joan shared one hard, sexy look with him while onstage months ago and hasn’t gotten him out of her mind since. But he wasn’t supposed to be here, he wasn’t supposed to get hurt. So when he does? What else is a girl to do but to kidnap him and use his connections to get her sister back.

Max is one crazy, sexy bad guy. The beard, that tattoos, oh and not to mention a biker club President who’s struggling to go straight. Being kidnapped by the woman he’s had his eye on and hands off of for the past few months? NOT part of the plan; neither was getting shot, or mixed up in her crazy, suicidal plan to get her sister back from a psycho drug lord. But damn if Max can’t help the chemistry that sizzles between them and use it to his advantage to escape.

This story was on such a highly charged buzz the whole time. You’ve got two people with lethal amounts of sexual tension between them that fuels every moment. From gunshot wounds and explosives to depressive family pasts and the inability to keep a lid on libidos, Joan and Max are two characters MADE for one another. I loved every minute and being able to see from each of their point of views. Being the reader you could see how similar Max and Joan both thought about themselves and one another. I wanted to scream “JUST KISS ALREADY!” the whole time! Exploring their relationship while trying to figure out how Joan was going to save her sister kept the pace moving along and I can’t wait for more of these books!

Until next review!!! Happy Bingeing Beauties!

xoxo Nalla

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