BURN DOWN THE NIGHT – An M. O’Keefe Review


“Sometimes bad people do good things.”

**ARC received from NetGalley for an honest review**

Joan is not your typical girl. The ex-stripper and all around wild child is about to put her crazy antics to good use. When she escapes a cultist leader’s drug ring and has to leave her sister behind in his clutches, she does what she can to get her sister back. Trap the man in a strip club and bomb the place until she gets her way.

That is until Max steps in where he shouldn’t. Joan shared one hard, sexy look with him while onstage months ago and hasn’t gotten him out of her mind since. But he wasn’t supposed to be here, he wasn’t supposed to get hurt. So when he does? What else is a girl to do but to kidnap him and use his connections to get her sister back.

Max is one crazy, sexy bad guy. The beard, that tattoos, oh and not to mention a biker club President who’s struggling to go straight. Being kidnapped by the woman he’s had his eye on and hands off of for the past few months? NOT part of the plan; neither was getting shot, or mixed up in her crazy, suicidal plan to get her sister back from a psycho drug lord. But damn if Max can’t help the chemistry that sizzles between them and use it to his advantage to escape.

This story was on such a highly charged buzz the whole time. You’ve got two people with lethal amounts of sexual tension between them that fuels every moment. From gunshot wounds and explosives to depressive family pasts and the inability to keep a lid on libidos, Joan and Max are two characters MADE for one another. I loved every minute and being able to see from each of their point of views. Being the reader you could see how similar Max and Joan both thought about themselves and one another. I wanted to scream “JUST KISS ALREADY!” the whole time! Exploring their relationship while trying to figure out how Joan was going to save her sister kept the pace moving along and I can’t wait for more of these books!

Until next review!!! Happy Bingeing Beauties!

xoxo Nalla

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