HOT TARGET – An April Hunt Review


An addicting addition to the Alpha Security series, Hot Target is an action romance on every page. After spending months recovering from the hands of a mad man, Rachel has somehow ended up in another dangerous world. A frantic call from her best friend leads her into a vegas underground world filled with drugs, violence, and extreme risk. Only one man from the aloha Security team is available to help her and it’s none other than Logan Callahan, the sweet talkin southern charmer that she spent months dreaming about.

Logan doesn’t know how Rachel’s managed to get herself in trouble again but he’d do anything to keep her safe and out of harms way. From the minute he sets eyes on her in Vegas, it’s a fun-run for your life romance filled with disguises, undercover ops, and a whole lot of sexy intrigue. I wish there had been more of this sexy cowboy and redeemed beauty but Hunt did our Aloha hero justice!


How did a nice girl like Rachel Kline end up in a jail cell in Vegas? Don’t even ask. She came to Sin City to find her missing friend and accidentally got swept up in a police raid. Even worse, she’s being bailed out by the last man she wants to see right now: the irresistibly sexy, infuriatingly cocky Alpha op who rescued her a year ago. What are the odds?

Logan Callahan is six-and-a-half feet of solid muscle and Texas charm, a hard-fighting ex-Marine with a soft spot for Rachel. He’s more than obliged to hang up his cowboy hat and help her out. But when someone takes a shot at her, he knows there’s a good chance what happens in Vegas won’t stay there. With targets on their backs and killers on their tails, it’s one high-risk game they’re playing. And it’s not just their hearts that are on the line . . .




April blames her incurable chocolate addiction on growing up in rural Pennsylvania, way too close to America’s chocolate capital, Hershey. She now lives in Virginia with her college sweetheart husband, two young children, and a cat who thinks she’s a human-dog hybrid. On those rare occasions she’s not donning the cape of her children’s personal chauffer, April’s either planning, plotting, or writing about her next alpha hero and the woman he never knew he needed, but now can’t live without.

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      1. I do hope that eventually there is a paperback so I can add it to the other three. I’m one of those people that still like the actual book over an ebook but I’ll still read it on ebook until then. Can’t wait.

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