HEATED PURSUIT – An April Hunt Review


**ARC received from NetGalley for an honest review**

April Hunt’s Heated Pursuit is one hot, thrilling, alpha novel the likes of Maya Banks’ KGI and Julie Ann Walker’s BKI. I hadn’t read anything from her before but was immediately hooked from the synopsis!

Penny Kline has made the drastic change from counselor to bounty hunter when the last member of her family, her beloved nice Rachel, is kidnapped by the kingpin of drug lords. Little did she expect to run in to alpha hottie Rafe Ortega on her mission to Honduras to infiltrate and rescue.

Let me tell you this little firecracker red-head was one of the best sassy female leads I’ve read in a long time. Penny holds her own and fights for what she believes in and has trained for in order to rescue Rachel. She’s got one hell of a strong mind and pushes herself to cross lines she never would’ve imagined. Fighting deadly mean in alleyways, going undercover to a crime lords home, running through the jungle in a suicide mission; this girl does it all with no fear and mega-courage. I love, love, LOVED Penny.

Rafe was one hot-headed alpha; something we’re used to seeing. But there was something different about him that made me like him. You DO see his caring side form the get go. Penny does try to drag it out of him, try to make him see it. But I liked that as a reader we got the chance to see his thought processes and how he saw Penny and the world around him. It was a lot brighter that he even thought himself. Plus he had just the right amount of bossy that would melt any girl. These two were a match made in jungle heaven!

I’m so excited for more the Alpha Security series from April Hunt! Trey’s book is next (Penny’s seemingly long lost somewhat foster brother). But i’m a bit more excited for Vince’s or Charlie’s book!!!

Unitl next review…

XOXO Nalla

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April blames her addiction for chocolate on growing up near the country’s chocolate capital, Hershey, Pennsylvania. Born and raised in a rural area, April always had lots of time to cultivate an active imagination, penning her first book at the age of ten, with a child’s typewriter a lot of liquid white-out. Even though both her stories and writing methods have changed drastically through the years, one thing hasn’t.

Her imagination.

Cowboys, military men, and alpha bad boys with a penchant for corrupting the good girl are among her favorite heroes to bring to the page. As both a contemporary and romantic suspense author, April loves sweet, second-chance romances as well as the thrills and squeals of being involved with a man who feels more naked without his Glock than without his skivvies.

When April’s not donning her writing gloves, she’s busy raising two energetic kids and husband. And there isn’t a day that passes when she’s not dreaming up yet another happily ever after…



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