GHOST OF A CHANCE – A Katie MacAlister Review


It’s Clue! with the Katie Mac twist!

**Review given by a Katie Mac Mobile Minion**

Old school mystery rules apply to Katie MacAlister’s GHOST OF A CHANCE

I’ve been reading all things non-contemporary from Katie MacAlister for as long as I can remember but the Karma Marx series always slipped by my notice as sometimes older books don’t always hold my attention. Boy was i missing out!

In this classic tale of who-done-it Karma Marx’s husband is murdered (trust me that’s not a bad thing) and much to everyone’s perplexity….they can’t find out who the murderer is when they’re all locked in a house for 12 hours!

Katie’s classic humor and down to earth characters are ever present in this mystery as we spend the whole book bouncing from one accused to another; each in their own right believable.

Was it the soon to be divorced Karma? The treacherous business partner, Meredith and his hippie yet witchy wife Savannah? (Also these names are killer…no pun intended) Or maybe the new to the family, unruly teenager Pixie who’s motive is as steady as her propensity to change her name? Or maybe it’s the roguishly handsome old/new homeowner, Adam, who plays double duty as human marshall and Otherworld cop? Throw in some charming house ghosts (apparitions?), a skittish unicorn…yes I said unicorn, and you have yourself a tale of Otherworld mystery!

Until next review!!! Happy Bingeing Beauties!

xoxo Nalla


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