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Hello fellow readers! I come to you with a light heart today. I’ve decided to step away a bit from blogging/reviewing. Not for lack of content or captivating stories; nor for any negative experiences. But as a method of self-care for the soul. My word for the year (a concept borrowed from a fellow boss babe) is and was TRUTH. This, to me, means always being honest with myself which is sometimes the hardest truth to handle.

When I began this blog, it was solely with the intent to share my love of love stories with other readers out there. My books were my best friends and the stories I escaped into became almost like my home away from home. I wanted to connect with other people who felt the same as I did.  But with adding any business side to a hobby, there’s always a risk. A risk of rejection. A risk of disappointment. A risk of failure. But I don’t feel like I’ve failed. For almost three years I’ve put my blood, sweat, and tears in to my blog and my business. But lately that’s what it’s been: a business. Not for a lack of passion, but I found that reading stories (While I loved them all just as much as I did pre-blog) held a second level of expectation with them. I read each word with a second voice in my head picking apart how I would interpret and evaluate it in my reviews. And that’s not what I wanted my blog to be. I wanted to share my love of love stories; that’s honestly what it all boils down to.

No blogger should feel as if each book they read isn’t read fast enough for fear of the next “due” date. This is no negative comment to any author or PR company or publisher out there. This was a stress that I put on myself. I wanted to be the best and I wanted to be involved in the world of blogging so bad that I sacrificed my true joy of reading for sake of creativity. So I’m reaching out today to let all my readers out there know that there may still be content here and there from me. But as of the end of May, The Blog will be on hiatus until further notice.

I want to thank every author, publisher, reader, PA, PR reps, fellow bloggers, and every one out there who’s been a part of this from the start! You can still find me being active on Instagram, that’ll be my new home. Or on Goodreads (let’s be friends!). I love you all & HAPPY READING!

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