BLAZE – A Donna Grant Review

Donna Grant's Dark King's series is well underway and I jumped in at a way later date than any reader should. There's a lot going on as far as sides to choose, enemies to face and trick, and humans to avoid detection from. I loved the story as for as Devon and Anson discovering their … Continue reading BLAZE – A Donna Grant Review

SHACKING UP – A Helena Hunting Q&A and Review

Accidental lip locks don't generally end in HEA...but in HH's world that's just what you're gunna get. In typical "I inconvenienced you so here's how I'll make it up to you" trope fashion: Bane has to make this right and hire Rub to stay with him and take care of his.....exotic pets (and that is … Continue reading SHACKING UP – A Helena Hunting Q&A and Review