THE WEEKEND: LONDON AFFAIR PT. 1 – A Rhyannon Byrd Review

Eeek another trilogy! Emmy is back in London determined to make anime for herself in the art journalist world when a stranger on the train catches her eye and speaks her fantasies. Little does she know that her fantasy hero is the real deal as he saves her from an attack! There’s and instant chemistry between Emmy and Jase; but she’s hesitant since she hasn’t had a great past with men of wealth means. But he asks her for a deal that she can’t turn down. Spend one weekend with him as his girlfriend and he’ll give her the art history interview of a lifetime with his grandfather.

Now when there when I said there was chemistry, I wasn’t lying. But I was a little let down at how often Emmy outs herself down or diminishes herself overtime she begins to feel attraction towards Jase. I’m not expecting every heroine to be balls to the wall confident but it kept distracting me from the story. In addition to their ruse these two also have to deal with seriously the WORST family I’ve ever read or encountered. No one is kind or honest in Jase’s family, like NO ONE. How is that possible? From cheaters and liars, to sexual harassers and creepy cousins, to shrill and abusive caterwauling women there is every type of nightmarish family member in this story. It was hard to take anything seriously but I’m hoping that parts 2 and 3 will give us more insight to the day time soap opera that is the Beckett family.



The Weekend begins Rhyannon Byrd’s sexy new serial, London Affair, where a dangerous web of passion, deception and intrigue unfolds into an explosive love story… 

American art-history graduate Emmy Reed is in London, hoping to land her dream job by getting an exclusive scoop on a famous reclusive artist. When a dangerous encounter throws her into the path of millionaire playboy Jase Beckett, Emmy is grateful for his quick-thinking – but equally determined to turn down his proposal to be his date for a family wedding. That is, until she discovers that her sought-after artist is his grandfather.

Tired of the game-playing women in his circle, Jase finds Emmy refreshingly fascinating. And as the weekend progresses and they work together to survive his insufferable family’s devious scheming, Emmy and Jase find themselves drowning in an intoxicating sexual chemistry that leaves them both desperate for more…and reeling emotionally.

When their stunning weekend is over, neither is ready to let go. But dark secrets surround the Beckett family – can their fledgling relationship survive the damaging revelations to come?






The Chase continueS Emmy and Jase’s LONDON AFFAIR…



I’m a California transplant in the most beautiful part of the UK, and I live here with my wonderful husband who’s a Brit, our two great kids who always make me laugh, and our crazy but loveable Rottie. I can get lost for hours on end on Pinterest, and some of my favorite things are books, music, beaches, travel, art, museums, sunshine, good food, rock concerts, movies, American football, and last but not least, spending time with my insanely loud but awesome family.

As for my work, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do something that’s both fun and creative—and that I completely love—for a living. I started writing full-time a decade ago, and I’m now the bestselling author of more than thirty contemporary and paranormal romance titles, including the Dangerous Tides series and the Bloodrunners series. I’ve published books with Berkley Heat, HQN, and Harlequin Nocturne…and I’m thrilled to have my new London Affair serial coming out with Headline Eternal in October 2017. 


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