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Magnetic. Heart stopping. Filled with passion and suspense but brimming with hope. Jackson’s finale to the Fight For Me series is an amazing collaboration of regrets and second-chances. Ollie lost his best friend and sister years ago, heartbroken over the loss he’s slowly pushed away everything he’s loved, including the girl he’s loved since he was a boy. Nikki understands the pain Ollie feels, she lost Sydney that night too. But what Ollie doesn’t understand that his alienation has made her feel like she’s lost them both and the pain is more than she can bear any longer. After a climactic night on the anniversary of Sydney’s disappearance; Nikki makes a stand that she won’t wait by Ollie side any longer. Just as she makes these decisions a darkness looms over her threatening to bring back the past that she and Ollie fought so hard to forget.

As they navigate their own emotions as adults, Nikki and Ollie have to figure out just who is after her. Nikki fights Ollie every step of the way, she has to protect her heart from the pain he could delve unto it again. But fate has other plans. As past and future collide (along with glimpses into that fateful night for Sydney) Ollie and Nikki grow stronger than ever. And when Ollie decides to fight for a future he never dreamed he deserved, their past brings down one final cleaver to threaten to break them once more.

I could not believe how engrossed I became in this story! Ollie and Nikki have an obvious connection that no one can deny. Watching them gravitate towards and away from one another was such heartbreak. I wanted to shout at Ollie to just give Nikki the happiness they deserve! The push and pull throughout this novel is done so beautifully that when Ollie finally accepts the truth, your heart will SOAR! No spoilers for the truth about Sydney but I will say to read between the lines and come to your own conclusions as the truth will SHOCK you. I was not prepared at all for the twist ending but I could not have read any faster, turning page after page to see just what would happen. A powerful, powerful 5 star read that is easily a top read for 2018!



Fourteen years ago, my life changed forever.

My sister disappeared. That day I was selfish. That day I chose myself over her. And that day, I lost everything.

Including Nikki Walters.

She’s the girl I’ve loved my whole life. She’s gorgeous. Caring. Every single thing I’ve ever wanted but denied myself. She was my sister’s best friend, and I destroyed any chance of keeping her.

When her safety is threatened, I have a second chance to do the right thing. But as soon as she moves in, I want her in all the wrong ways.

All it takes is a brush of her hand, and I’m losing all control.

The fire between us is only burning hotter.

But neither of us saw what was coming.

And it just might be Nikki Walters who destroys me in the end.

The highly anticipated sexy, suspenseful stand-alone second-chance romance from NYT Bestselling Author, A.L. Jackson.



~Karen, Bookalicious Babes Blog

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 A.L. Jackson is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotional, sexy, heart-filled stories about boys who usually like to be a little bit bad.

Her bestselling series include THE REGRET SERIES, CLOSER TO YOU, and BLEEDING STARS novels. Watch for A.L. Jackson’s upcoming novel, LEAD ME HOME, the third stand-alone novel in her brand-new FIGHT FOR ME SERIES.

If she’s not writing, you can find her hanging out by the pool with her family, sipping cocktails with her friends, or of course with her nose buried in a book.

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