KEPT – A Maya Banks Review

**ARC Received from NetGalley for an honest review***

Maya Banks is back with her Enforcer Series third installment: KEPT

Silas has a tragic past that makes him the perfect right hand to the one and only Drake. But when downtrodden Hayley steps into his path he suddenly can’t control the urges he has to own her and make her his.

I loved Silas when we first met him in Mastered. The quiet sidekick (although thats a poor name for his role in Drake’s life, he IS his brother) struck a chord with me and i hoped that one day Banks would tell us his story. I had no idea how tragic it truly was. Banks left me speechless and heartbroken from the horrid details that transpired from Silas childhood. No one deserves love more than this man.

Hayley made me want to fight for her from the get-go. Strong-willed despite the tragic past and fate that befalls her. She exudes this finite level of innocence and stubbornness is one tiny package. I don’t think there has ever been a more perfect depiction of the fine line between helpless and hopeful. I was rooting for these two from the start.

The pain that Silas goes through in order to protect Hayley after he realizes their whirlwind romance has gone too far gutted me! Here is man who says and does all the right things for a woman he truly cares for and who deserves that love but he cannot see the forest for the trees! He doesn’t believe he is worthy of Hayley. Bless her for all she went through to bring him back to us!

Really, really hoping Maddox is next but Zander won me over a bit more this time too.

Until next review…

XOXO Nalla

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