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They’re perfectly in tune—but only when it comes to their music. This sizzling romance from New York Times bestselling author Erin McCarthy follows Nashville’s hottest country music duo as they fight for love in a city where dreams often cost a broken heart.


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When Jolene Hart broke off her affair with Chance Rivers, he left willingly enough, but he threw his guitar in her pool and stole their Song of the Year Grammy off the wall on his way out the door.

She retaliated by putting sugar in the gas tank of his favorite truck and turning his dog against him.

He took up with a blonde named Dixie and Jolene fell into bed with her bus driver. She heard Chance drank too much, and she ate cheesy grits like there was no tomorrow where she had to wear skintight jeans on stage. Together they had been country’s hottest new duo. Separate they were capable of selling almost no records.

Which was why their manager had them locked in an office together to sort out their upcoming album. Jolene wasn’t having any of it. To say that Chance was the same was a serious understatement.

“Unlock the damn door,” he told Ginny, his voice deceptively calm.

But having spent six months dating him, Jolene recognized the signs of impending explosion. His strong jaw was locked. His nostrils were flaring. His disheveled hair was in his eyes and he hadn’t bothered to toss it out of the way. The only part of his body that moved was his thumb, tapping up and down rapidly on the denim covering his knee. He was refusing to look at her, which served to make her temper flare right along with his. The least the bastard could do was look at her. She hadn’t expected flowers or even a smile, but a damn hello would be appreciated considering the man’s penis was no stranger to her mouth.

“No,” Ginny said firmly. In her sixties, she’d been in Nashville since before it was trendy. She turned nobodies into stars and stars into nobodies and took no bullshit off any man. “We’re sorting this out today Chance Rivers, because I’ve about had it with you two. The label wants the album in two months and if y’all don’t produce something you’ll be yesterday’s news.”

Shifting uncomfortably in the wooden chair in front of Ginny’s desk, Jolene knew her manager and mentor was right. Things changed in the business as frequently as she changed her underwear. You either kept up or got left behind and this was only their second album. Their first had been an unexpected runaway success and she’d shot from modestly famous local solo artist to duet superstardom. Since she had no desire to go home to Starkey, Kentucky, home of nothing, or wind up singing in bars around town for a few sets a night, she was going to have to swallow her rancor for Chance and get the job done. Though the idea of writing and recording with him made her want to throw up in her mouth. Or better yet, on Chance.

The man was insufferable.

He scowled.

And yet, he was so very, very sexy.

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