2017 Top Reads

It's that time again! the end of the year is my favorite because it gives me a chance to look back on all of the reading I've done and the crazy adventures I've gotten to go on. Whether it was new authors, new series, or new avenues, this year held some of the most jaw-dropping... Continue Reading →

CHECKMATE: THIS IS BEAUTIFUL – A Kennedy Fox Review & Giveaway

OK...do you ever read a book and just WONDER how the HECK you're going to survive it? Well KF won't let you down in the finale with This is Beautiful. One can only assume that you've already read This is Dangerous (if not then WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU....GO GET IT!) so the ending left... Continue Reading →

CHECKMATE: THIS IS DANGEROUS -A Kennedy Fox Review & Giveaway

Oh hi, did you want a story that melts your panties, warms your heart, and makes you scream in shock at the end? Well say hello to THIS IS DANGEROUS! Kennedy Fox is back and ready to BLOW YOUR MIND. My bestie got me in to this series not to long ago and thankfully I... Continue Reading →

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