STRIP TEASE – An Erin McCarthy Review


Single parent romances can be tricky; making for drama and heartbreak. But McCarthy does a great job of keeping a serious matter lighthearted as two people fall in love over the daughter they created. A one night stand 8 years ago left Grace with the greatest gift of her life, her beautiful daughter. Unfortunately her... Continue Reading →

STRIPPED DOWN – An Erin McCarthy Review


It's time for some sexy feel good romance! Erin McCarthy hits it again with another fantastic, sexually charged romance read filled with happiness and hope. Fresh after her divorce from an unfulfilled marriage, Sloane returns to her hometown doubting if she can find happiness in herself again. With her 30th birthday coming up, her friends... Continue Reading →

STRIPPED DOWN – An Erin McCarthy Cover Reveal


Erin McCarthy's new sexy romcom series, Tap That, begins with STRIPPED DOWN! See the stunning cover below and find out more about how you can get your hands on STRIPPED DOWN! His best friend’s hot older sister. Her younger brother’s annoying sidekick. And one forbidden kiss in a bathroom in high school… Sloane O’Sullivan is... Continue Reading →

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