GAME ON – A Kelly Jamieson Review

Something about a bet when it comes to romance that just spells bad news. But for once...this romance spells H-E-A. Cam, pro hockey player extraordinaire, is a sucker for any bet because he's confident he can win them all. When a night out with them team lands him a bet with one hot woman, he's... Continue Reading →

FINDING ALEXEI – A Kendall Ryan Review

Kendall Ryan romances are like happy-crack. Not only are they mostly drama free, but they'll leave any reader feeling happy and lighthearted after reading. A quick afternoon read filled with hope and romance, Finding Alexei is a fantastic addition to the KR collection. Left struggling to care for her ex-roomate's baby, Ryleigh is trying to... Continue Reading →

WICKED PLAYER – A Stacey Lynn Cover Reveal

Gage Bryant has the best hands and the quickest feet of any wide receiver in football. He also has a secret—one he’ll do anything to protect.

PUCKED LOVE – A Helena Hunting Review & Excerpt Reveal

Where do we begin...Darren and Charlene have been years worth of waiting. The mystery between these to has eluded readers forever and now it all comes to light. Darren is a very private man; he keeps his affairs under lock and key. A date with Darren means an NDA and that includes to dishing details... Continue Reading →

FINDING ALEXEI – A Kendal Ryan Cover Reveal

Spotting a hooker on a city street corner is not an abnormal thing. Me bringing one home? Well, that's a first. But this girl . . . She's in trouble. And this asshole is not a guy she wants to go home with. So I do the exact thing I shouldn't—I offer to bring her... Continue Reading →

BIG STICK – A Kelly Jamieson Review

There's something about hockey players that adds another level of swoon to their hero status. But Nick takes the cake as he is the grumpiest hero I've ever read...AND I LOVE HIM FOR IT! Nick is anti-social, except for his small group of friends, brash but knows when to stay quiet, and prefers the company... Continue Reading →

THE GOOD LUCK CHARM – A Helena Hunting Review

Say hello to another swoon worthy romance! Helena brings back the heavy in the best way with The Good Luck Charm. A young romance ended too soon. A woman with a second broken heart and a man with a second chance. Ethan regrets the decision he made years ago to leave his first love behind. ... Continue Reading →

THE VARLET & THE VOYEUR – A Penny Reid & L.H. Cosway Cover Reveal

The Varlet and the Voyeur, an all-new standalone in the USA Today bestselling Rugby Series from Penny Reid and L.H. Cosway is coming June 14th! He kept his salacious secret for years. But soon, everyone is going to be reading about it in their morning paper… THE VARLET (and the VOYEUR) William Moore is a... Continue Reading →

BAD BUSINESS- A Nicole Edwards Review

There’s something about sports romance that makes for some the hottest reads; I’m claiming it’s the stamina our heroes tend to have. Edwards next Bad Boys of sports is filled with its moments of sexy times but it’s also a feel-good romance. With little drama and a focus on a forbidden romance that both our... Continue Reading →

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