BURN BRIGHT – A Patricia Briggs Reviews

I love taking a break from traditional romance to visit the wonderful world of Patricia Briggs. Charles and Anna, a spin-off world of the Mercy Thompson world, have solidified themselves as the Marrok's most dependable within the wolf pack. As one of two Omegas in existence, Anna's spent time as a commodity in this series.... Continue Reading →

BABY I’M HOWLIN FOR YOU – A Christine Warren Double Review & Chapter Reveal

If I thought that my love for supernatural romances had waned..I was so wrong! Christine Warren is back with a new spin-off series to her infamous Others romances, Alphaville. A quaint, pacific northwestern town where shifters of all kinds gather. The outcasts, the lonely, the downtrodden and the forgotten are all welcomed. Renny's on the... Continue Reading →

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