ONCE UPON A GHOST – An Erin McCarthy Review

It's time for Bailey Burke's final mystery! After not only discovering that she can speak to ghosts, Bailey chases down the murder of her best friend Ryan, his girlfriend, and a potential serial killer. NOW just when she thinks life has settled down and she can get back to work on her design and staging... Continue Reading →

SILENCE OF THE GHOST – An Erin McCarthy Review

I LOVE the fact that Erin writes about my hometown in this series. It brings such a real flavor to the novel because I know the areas she's speaking about. When we last left Bailey, our new resident ghost whisperer, her best friend's ghost was still hanging around as his (now) ex-girlfriend's ghost appeared. On... Continue Reading →

GONE WITH THE GHOST – An Erin McCarthy Review

I'm so glad Erin is BACK! And not only has she got a tale to tell, it's a freakin GHOST MURDER MYSTERY! And it's in my hometown so I've already got love for this series. Moving on, I love Bailey: she's smart, she's funny, and she has this adorable awkwardness about her where I instantly... Continue Reading →

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