Oh my, Sarina! My poor sweet Castro! Suave when he speaks, fierce on the ice, Castro is a man filled with deep secrets hidden deep from those close to him. Shot to stardom, Jason Castro is determined to renew his name this season on the ice. But constant changesĀ  to the line and dark, old... Continue Reading →

BROOKLYNAIRE – A Sarina Bowen Review & Excerpt Reveal

I burn. I pine. I perish for Sarina Bowen's latest romance! I could not put this love story down from the minute I started it! Rebecca has spent years beside her boss and friend Nate as his company rises to billionaire status and he acquires a hockey team that she helps manage. One moment of... Continue Reading →

STAY – A Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy Review

Ooooh forbidden romance! *grabs tea and straps in for a sexy ride* Welcome to Fetch, Inc. where your every wish is their command...except when your one wish is for your dog-walker to be the woman of your dreams....and your client to be the man you've had a crush on since you first understood what crushes... Continue Reading →

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