GOT IT BAD – A Christi Barth Review, Excerpt Reveal & Giveaway

Barth sure saved the best for last. On the run and in Witness Protection for his brothers' own misdeeds, Kellan has had a hard time coming to terms with being the only MacGuire brother kept in the dark. They've never kept secrets from each other and his brothers' lies still weigh on his mind. To... Continue Reading →

NEVER BEEN GOOD – A Christi Barth Review & Excerpt Reveal

Who doesn't love a bad boy gone good...or not so good? Part-time good? Who cares, Flynn Maguire is hot hot hot! Our second Maguire brother in WIT SEC, this good-on-paper but bad in name bad boy is here for redemption! Stuck in a seemingly boring town, this business owner turned barroom drink-slinger has his eyes... Continue Reading →

BAD FOR HER – A Christi Barth Review, Excerpt Reveal & Giveaway

Hello, I'll be a new fan of Christi Barth after I'm done picking my jaw up from the floor. Say hello to "Rafe" a bad boy now under WITSEC protection alongside his two brothers. It's their last chance as a family to stay safe under their new monikers and Rafe is struggling to find a... Continue Reading →

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