GOING ROGUE – A Chantal Fernando Review


Rounding out the trilogy with the Cursed Ravens' charmer is a smart move. Rogue may be a ladies man; funny and charming to the ladies, he's the exact opposite in his motorcycle club. Hot headed and quick to lay down the law, the VP isn't one to mess with. His one vice? His mother, sick... Continue Reading →

KNUCKLE DOWN – A Chantal Fernando Review


Sergeant at Arms. Father. Brother. Lover. Knuckles' role in the Cursed Ravens MC is more than just muscle and intimidation. He's there to protect his extended family, in any way. After a crazy few weeks with his President's newly discovered daughter who becomes his best friend, he comes face to face with her cousin. Classy,... Continue Reading →

ACE OF HEARTS – A Chantal Fernando Review


My first read for Fernando, the newest Cursed Ravens tale starts out with lies, deceit, and one sexy biker. After finding out that the man she believed to be her father is in fact not her biological father, Erin goes in search of the elusive biker from her mother's past. Met with the sexiest man... Continue Reading →

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