#BOOKISHBOX – Outlander Box


Y’all this box..I couldn’t even wait to leave the post parking lot to open it! Let’s get to this review!

The shirt quote is, as always with Appraising Pages, perfect and fully embodies Jamie and Claire. I admit I’m a sucker and haven’t finished book 1! I started with the show by watching episode 1 while on vacation with my sister and immediately knew I wanted the books. When I got home i started reading and watching an episode at a time so I was at the same pace. But I stopped right before The Wedding and sometimes…juuuuust sometimes the picture is better than the words because whoo lord those two…. But one day I WILL catch up with the books! For now I’ll settle on watching my Jamie and Claire.

The Lexy Olivia bookmark! I fear I may need to buy this girl out of house and home! Her bookmarks are always my favorite. And I was about to purchase the “Sassenach” one when this came in the mail! Although I’m sure I’ll still buy it… This lovely quote from Jamie will definitely do for now.

The Geeky Caldron’s beautiful Sassenach bangle is perfect! Silver is my jewelry color and I’m proudly wearing this beauty with the rest of my baubles. From The Page‘s “Claire’s Pressed Flowers” candle smells so pretty! I love lavendar! I’ll need to buy a bigger one soon.

My other favorite piece of this box was the tumbler. The triquetra is one of my own symbols that I resonate with and paired  with Claire’s quote…I’m in awe of how perfect this really is.

“Sometimes I feel very much a stranger in a strange land.”



#BookishBox – September 2016


Hi Beauties! As promised here is the September Bookish Box review. This month’s theme: Literary Ladies!

Lots of little things in this box, but none of them too little to matter! There is a pair of J&CO Jewelry LeviosA earrings. These are b-e-a-utiful!  Perfectly small and matches the Hermione t-shirt from Appraising Pages. Love the red color of this shirt.


Bookish Box also included their bookworm highlighter/pen combo and  Matilda quoted sticky notes! Matilda was such a great movie and I remember watching it as a kid many times. There’s also an awesome button magnet from Jar of Button stating “Females are strong as hell”. Boyfriend will have to deal with that on our fridge!


The Pride and Prejudice tea from First Edition Tea Co. makes me want to brew a batch and watch Austenland…THAT is a hilarious movie, haven’t read the book yet. I’m loving the Katniss arrow pen and highlighter holder from Nonies Custom Creations; that will definitely be going in my planner!

Lastly..another beautiful watercolor bookmark from Lexy Olivia! This one was actually on my wish list and is from Throne of Glass!


Can’t wait for the October box…and I should have a one time box review coming soon!


XOXO Nalla

#BookishBox – August 2016


#OverduePost 🙂

Hello Beauties! It’s time for a #BookishBox review! Today its the August 2016 Fairy Tales Box.

Lets start with the Appraising Pages t-shirt (9/10 is always my favorite part)! I love this font they use!! I need to find it. This quote is beautiful and awe inspiring. Makes sense as it comes from Sarah J. Maas‘ A Court of Mist and Fury. I am so behind on needing to read this book! But from what I’ve seen online and from LOVING the Throne of Glass series, i have no doubt it’ll impress. They’ve also included some cute Disney post it’s with the quote:

“Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.” – Walt Disney

Love the Peter Pan necklace that is from Bookish Box! So dainty and cute. I’m not one for big jewelry so this is definitely staying in my collection. I also now want to go watch Hook…

Lexy Olivia’s Beauty and the Beast bookmark….Oh My God. This thing is so damn pretty. First of all B&TB is my all time favorite Disney story besides Pocahontas (because duh she had a tattoo!). This watercolor and script bookmark is honestly the prettiest bookmark I have had the pleasure of owning. Check out her shop; I know I’ll be purchasing some more bookmarks!

Evie Seo’s Cinder inspired mug…Evie has some of my favorite book lover pieces on Society 6 and i’ve already purchased a little zipper much myself. Definitely go check it out. Although I haven’t read Cinder, this mug is gorgeous and matches some of the art in my planner!

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This month’s box review will be posted next weekend! Until next time…

XOXO Nalla

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My #GameofThrones #bookishbox arrived!!! I could NOT be happier right now! Includes • @knotknirvana #WinterIsComing tumblr • @appraisingpages “A reader lives a thousand lives” t-shirt • @eviebookish print of #JonSnow • @dabombfizzers #quotebomb (which I can’t wait to try!) • @appraisingpages stag ring • @dropandgivemenerdy #SquadGoals bag

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My first #bookishbox and I am IN LOVE! #FantasyTheme with amazing gifts; my favorite being the #GameOfThrones theme bracelet from @thegeekycauldron 💜 Other items include: • #JRRTolkein Shirt • #Saphira #Eragon blend coffee • fantasy antler headband from @nightanddaybaby • #TheMortalInstruments tote bag 💜#bookstagram #bookblogger #bookblog #booklove #bookgoodies #read #reader #reading #NallaReads

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