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It’s small town romance with a sporty touch! Both new to the town of Hope, Josie and Zach have become friends outside of being teachers at Hope’s high school. There’s flirting and chemistry between them but Josie’s been burned before and doesn’t want to risk her new happy life in Hope for a fling. But as they spend more time together, Josie sees how kind and charming Zach is. Not only does he care about the kids he teaches and trains, he’s also becoming an animal lover; a huge win in Josie’s book.

Zach wouldn’t consider himself a loner by his own standards, though he definitely enjoys his solitude, he also enjoys coaching football and spending time with his new friends in Hope. Particularly Josie; she’s sweet, sexy, and Zach thinks there might be more beneath the quiet school teacher. As they spend more time together, Zach peels back the layers that make up Josie. While she’s sweet and endearing to her students, she’s fun and charismatic with their friends. And once Zach gets her alone, she’s the sex kitten he’d only dreamed of. But beneath all that, Josie has more trepidation towards love than Zach knows, and it’ll take a hail mary to win her over

I love that Burton sort of switched the narrative on our hero and heroine. Zach is open to falling for Josie and finding out where they could go. He’s lived solo for a long time but Josie brings out the homely side of him. He feels warmth and happiness radiating from her whenever they’re together. But Josie’s past with her mother and the lack of love in her childhood did a number on her. She believes that love is a fallacy for most and that only some people can find it. So when Zach drops the L-bomb, it forces her to re-examine her beliefs as well as what she thinks she deserves. Another a feel good romance from Burton, featuring small town characters with big personalities and captivating hearts.

91TbyK1UNpLJosie Barnes has finally found home in Hope, Oklahoma—she bought a house, started a new job as an English teacher, and takes in stray animals that no one else wants. Now she’s flirting with fellow teacher and hot high school football coach Zach Powers. But he’s almost too good to be true…

A former pro football player, Zach had to pull back after a career-ending knee injury. He’d be happy calling plays as Coach, if only he could get Josie Barnes to stop benching his players. She drives him crazy playing the stern teacher at school and the sexy woman of his dreams outside the classroom.

Josie has never had a teammate to count on. But Zach intends to show her that what they have between them is a textbook case of love.




Excerpt OPKJB

“You’re something.”

She gave him a curious look. “Is that a good something or a bad something?”

He was about to answer, but suddenly he saw a flash of something gray and white that attacked his tennis shoe. And his ankle. With claws.

He leaped up off the sofa. “Sonofabitch.”

“Oh, no. Did he hurt you?”

“He dug his claws into my ankle.”

“Aww, I’m sorry. Are you all right? Do I need to get you a bandaid?”

“It’s okay. I’m fine.” He glared at the cat.

But Josie cast a warm glance at it. “That wasn’t very nice, Tumbles.”

The cat leaped onto the back of the sofa, winding its way toward Josie’s shoulder before settling on the arm of the sofa and starting to lick its paws.

The thing that attacked him was a dark white color, had a bushy tail and some bald spots on its skin. And a face that looked like it had been smashed in by a car bumper.

Frankly, it was the ugliest cat Zach had ever seen. If it was even a cat.

Josie swept her hand slowly up and down the thing’s back. “Cute, isn’t he?”

“That cat is ugly as fuck, Josie.”

“He is not.”

“Come on. He’s a train wreck.”

She continued to pet the thing, who made vibrating noises. “Okay, he has some issues. But he’s incredibly loveable and affectionate.”

“I’m pretty sure my ankle is bleeding.”

She looked down at his feet. “Is it really?” She got up and the cat scampered off to its lair under the dining room table.

She bent down and lifted the leg of his jeans. “Let me see.”

“I was kind of kidding about the bleeding part.”

“But he scratched you. I’m sorry about that. Cat scratches sting.”

Having a beautiful woman on her knees between his legs made him forget all about the sting of a cat scratch and put his mind on other, more pleasurable things.

“My ankle’s fine, Josie.”

She sat on her heels and looked up at him. “Try being nice.”

“I am nice.”

The cat growled its disagreement. Zach really wanted to growl back, but instead he held out his hands for Josie.

“Come on,” he said, lifting her to stand. “Show me the rest of your house.”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to put something on your ankle?”

“I think I can handle a couple of scratches, but thanks.”

“Okay. Well, you’ve seen the kitchen and the dining room. There’s a screened-in porch that leads out from the kitchen.” She opened the door and led him out to what was a small but nice porch.

“I know you can’t see it because it’s dark, but I have a huge backyard. Great for animals.”

“Will you let the prince of darkness out there?”

She frowned. “The—oh, Tumbleweed? No. He’ll remain an indoor cat. I don’t want him disappearing on me.”

“Too bad.”

She nudged him with her shoulder. “You’re mean.”

He gave her a gentle nudge in return. “Am not.”

“Anyway, there’s plenty of room for other animals.”

“You have other animals?”

“Not yet. But I will.”

“Hopefully they’ll be nicer than Beelzebub.”

She shook her head. “Come on, whiner.”

They went back inside and she led him through an arched doorway and down the hall. “There’s a bathroom here, and two bedrooms, and the master is at the end of the hall.”

She paused.

“Afraid to show me the inner sanctum?” he asked.

Her brows popped up. “Is that some kind of euphemism for me showing you my goods?”

He laughed. “No. I meant your bedroom.”

“Oh. I don’t know. I might want to save that for some other time.”

“Why? Do you have some kind of sex dungeon in there?”

Her lips curved. “Do I look like a sex dungeon kind of girl?”

He leaned in closer. “I’m not sure if there’s a certain look a woman has to have in order to possess a sex dungeon. I’ll bet all kinds of people in all walks of life have one.”

“Is that right?”

“Sure. Lawyers and flight attendants and horticulturists and…I don’t know. Even teachers.”

“This teacher does not possess a sex dungeon.”

“Okay, so maybe you have some lavender candles and furry handcuffs.”

She snorted out a laugh, then turned and walked away. “If you’re lucky, you might find out someday.”


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burton-037 Jaci Burton is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling, award-winning author of over 70 books. She lives in Oklahoma and when she isn’t on deadline (which is often), she can usually be found wrestling with her uncooperative garden, wrangling her dogs, watching an unhealthy amount of television, or completely losing track of time reading a great book. She’s a total romantic and longs for the happily ever after in every story, which you’ll find in all her books.. Visit her website at for excerpts, book information and contests.


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SWEET RIVALRY – A K. Bromberg Review & Excerpt


**ARC received from the author for an honest review**

Ok so I read Sweet Cheeks on a was everywhere. The cover was hot and hello strategically placed flour hand prints! That story was cute, happy, and warming. Sweet Rivalry is NOT those is hot, steamy, and down right DIRTY!

Ryder is an absolute BABE. The beard, the tattoos, the suit…what girl wouldn’t get down on that. Add in the fact that he’s a badass businessman and intelligent to bot? Killer combination. And as if that wasn’t enough you can add Harper to the deck of cards. She’s sexy, she’s e\powerful, and she’s a head hunter in a man’s world. What happens when two old rivals go head to head in a battle for passion? Pure, unedited, LUST!

I wanted there to be so much more than there was to this story. This could’ve been a full fledged novel and I would’ve devoured it at the same speed. We got a small glimpse of Harper and Ryder’s young pasts when they were rivals in debate and egged one another on. Ryder, of course, is the knight in black armor, not coming into save the day but coming in to give the damsel his sword (hehe pun intended). I wish there was more of that back story; more the crush from Harper’s side and the curiousness form Ryder’s. But that did not take away from this sexy stubborn headed love story. Here’s to more!!

sweetrivRyder Rodgers had a plan.

He was going to stride into the conference room, do the required song and dance over the next five days, and win the biggest contract of his career. But when he walked in and heard the voice of one of his competitors, all his plans were shot to hell.

Harper Denton. She was always on top. In college. First in their class. Always using every advantage to edge him out to win the coveted positions. The only one who could beat him. His academic rival. More like a constant thorn in his side. And his ego’s.

When he heard her voice, he was brought back to years before. To the bitter taste of being second best. But the woman who meets his gaze is nothing like the drab wallflower he used to know. Hell no. She was all woman now: curves, confidence, and staggering sex appeal. And no doubt, still brilliant.

The fact that she’s gorgeous and bright won’t distract him. This time, Ryder’s determined to be the one on top. But not if Harper can help it.

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He takes a step toward me then hesitates, but before I can process anything else, his lips are on mine.

And not just on mine––not just a brush of lips against lips—but I’m talking all in. Hands on my cheeks, tongue licking between my lips, body pressed against mine, groan in the back of his throat, type of all in.

I don’t react at first. I’m stunned. Flabbergasted, my mind reeling from the anger to the surprise to now this without any warning at all.

This is Ryder.

My rival.

My supporter.

My crush.

The thoughts flicker that this is what I’ve wanted. But they soon shift to panic. To insecurity I don’t kiss well enough. That this is all a joke and I’m the butt of it.

But then I feel. Everything. All at once.

And I know this is real.

It’s like I can’t catch my breath and have too much air all at the same time.

My body is on fire. And not just from his touch but from that burn deep inside that feels like it’s exploding and imploding all at once.

So this is what it feels like to really be kissed.

It’s a fleeting thought before the sensations, the moment, the emotions, consume me whole.

His hands move my face to change the angle of the kiss. His fingertips on the line of my jaw singe my skin. His lips move expertly against mine, and all I can do is feel. All I can do is want.

Thinking isn’t an option.

The anger from before has morphed to want. The adrenaline has recharged with desire.

There is no rivalry.

There is no graduation ceremony tomorrow I’m missing to catch my flight.

There is no panic over if I’ll ever see him again.

It’s just him.

And me.

The scent of his cologne in my nose. The heat of his body against mine. The taste of hunger in his kiss.



HeadShot ColorNew York Times Bestselling author K. Bromberg writes contemporary novels that contain a mixture of sweet, emotional, a whole lot of sexy, and a little bit of real. She likes to write strong heroines, and damaged heroes who we love to hate and hate to love.

She’s a mixture of most of her female characters: sassy, intelligent, stubborn, reserved, outgoing, driven, emotional, strong, and wears her heart on her sleeve. All of which she displays daily with her husband and three children where they live in Southern California.

On a whim, K. Bromberg decided to try her hand at this writing thing. Since then she has written The Driven Series (Driven, Fueled, Crashed, Raced, Aced), the standalone Driven Novels (Slow Burn, Sweet Ache, Hard Beat, and Down Shift), and a novella (UnRaveled). She is currently finishing up Sweet Cheeks a standalone novel out November 14th.

Her plans for 2017 include a sports romance duet (2 books: The Player, The Catch) and the Everyday Heroes series (3 books: Cuffed, Combust, and Cockpit). She’s also writing a novella for the 1,001 Dark Night series that will be out in February 2017.

She loves to hear from her readers so make sure you check her out on social media.


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon Author | Driven Group


THE FIX-UP: A Kendall Ryan Review


From New York Times Bestseller, Kendall Ryan, comes a sexy new standalone novel.


My tempting, and very alpha friend Sterling Quinn is someone I consider off-limits.

It’s not just that we’re friends, he’s also cocky, confident, and British, which means he’s a walking aphrodisiac.

But lately he’s been giving me the look. You know the one. When he thinks I’m not paying attention, and his gaze lingers for too long.

And then we start working together, and that’s when the sexual tension between us gets so thick, I want to hack through it with a machete. I want to make all these deep feelings I’ve harbored for him disappear, because there’s no way this can end well.

The lines between business and pleasure become irrevocably blurred, and I’m stuck between a rock, and Sterling’s very, very hard place.

Rather than keep a level head about our growing attraction, Sterling wants to go all in, showing me just how explosive we can be together.

But I’ve been around long enough to know that this British bad boy is more than my heart can handle. I’m not about to be cast aside like yesterday’s underwear when he’s done having fun.

Sterling’s never been told no, and he’s not about to put his ego aside and play by my rules. But I never thought he’d fight so dirty.



I twist the doorknob, and finding it unlocked, let myself inside.

Sterling’s place is compact, but modern and classy. It suits him. After a quick glance around the living space, I spot him on the balcony outside, just beyond the glass doors at the far end of the living room. He’s facing away from me, his hands gripping the railing, his head bowed.

My smile from moments ago is gone. Seeing him like this—looking distraught—brings the reality of our situation crashing back.

Sterling suddenly turns and we lock eyes. A thousand emotions are revealed in his eyes, but mostly there’s anger. There’s also a sadness in his gaze that I’ve never seen. It’s haunting.

I swallow a lump in my throat, wondering what’s going on.

“Sterling?” I ask, slowly approaching the balcony.

It’s beautiful—plush pillows and twinkling lights, and a chilled bottle of white wine all nestled together in a romantic picnic for two.

He lets out a heavy sigh and runs one hand through his hair.

“This is beautiful,” I say since he hasn’t spoken, hasn’t even moved from the spot where he’s rooted, and his stony silence is killing me. “Are you okay?”

“Just fine,” he says curtly, his gaze looking past me.

He doesn’t seem fine. He seems off. Why go through all the effort if he’s just going to act sullen and withdrawn?

And what could have possibly changed in the twenty-four hours since we last spoke on the phone? He seemed so excited—like he hadn’t a care in the world. Now it seems he doesn’t want me here.

“If this is a bad time, if tonight doesn’t work . . .” I trail off, my voice suddenly shaky.

“The meal’s already prepared.” He brushes past me, headed toward the kitchen.

Unsure what to do, I follow behind him.

He’s acting like an asshole, and I suddenly feel so stupid for getting all done up tonight. I’m not going to stand around and embarrass myself by begging for his attention.

“You know what? Never mind. This was a bad idea, anyway. I’ll see myself out.” I turn and head for the front door, anger and rejection dueling inside me.

It takes all of three seconds before Sterling’s long strides catch him up to me by the door. His grip around my wrist stops me. “Wait.”

I turn and face him. I’m halfway between wanting to flee and staying to hear his explanation.

He releases a heavy exhale. “I received a phone call just before you arrived.”

With him so near, the combination of his clean soap and his spicy cologne intoxicates me. Memories of our intimate dinner rush back. But apparently tonight is not meant to be a repeat. Waiting to see what he’ll say next, I inhale and hold my breath.

When he doesn’t continue, I ask, “Is everything okay?”


***ARC received from InkSlingerPR for an honest review***

This was my first Kendall Ryan book and I was not disappointed! Sterling Quinn is one tempting man and watching him attempt to win over Camyrn Palmer was so entertaining. Sterling has a reputation for being a ladies man and isn’t one to have issues spending time with a woman. But that may come to en end when he finds out that a multi-million dollar inheritance is headed is way and it has one condition: he’s got to be married. Cameron Palmer makes it her business to handle any PR nightmare; and when Sterling comes up on her docket she realizes her crush on him may just get in the way of helping him find a wife.

Sterling seems to have an innate ability to push Camryn at just the right time and to the right extent. He knows they need to work together but he can’t seem to fight the attraction he has to her. The constant will they/won’t they edge to the story kept me going the whole story. Camyrn is completely  relatable for me as far as how she needs to be independent after her showdown with her last ex. Trusting Sterling isn’t something she can take likely: she’s known him as a womanizer and  serial monogamist. But when he starts to show how he’s enjoyed spending time with her in a non-sexual way, she can’t help but imagine that there may be something there. The push-pull of her battling her feelings for him were nail biting. You knew how Sterling truly felt and you just wanted to shout at her to go for it!


Ryan completely threw me for a loop when Camryn’s friend and assistant, Anna, decided to throw in her hat and try to date Sterling!! I was in SHOCK! Honestly…thinking “No way…she’s got to be up to something to help get these two together..” But no…she just threw out the girlfriend code book and went gung ho. Touche, Ryan…you got me good!

Absolutely going to add more of her to my future reading list! Until next review…

XOXO Nalla

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kendall-ryan-headshot-1-picABOUT THE AUTHOR:

A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 1.5 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world. She’s a traditionally published author with Simon & Schuster and Harper Collins UK, as well as an independently published author. Since she first began self-publishing in 2012, she’s appeared at #1 on Barnes & Noble and iBooks charts around the world. Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than three dozen times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine.

Visit her at: for the latest book news, and fun extras

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