THE CHOSEN – A J.R. Ward Event: Highlights

The WARDen's back! And this time she's here to talk about another controversial storyline: Xcor and Layla! On a sunny Saturday afternoon in downtown Cincinnati where we lay our scene... Many questions are simmering behind the 650 pairs of eyes of the room. But only one is the most asked question of  all: What is... Continue Reading →

THE CHOSEN – A J.R. Ward Event

April 8th - An Afternoon with J.R. Ward Cincinnati, OH Follow #NallaAndTheWARDen on social media during the event! ATTENTION J.R. Ward FANS I'll be at #TheChosen signing in Cincinnati TOMORROW!! Got a question for The WARDen? Submit below and checkout after the event to see if you've been answered! Stay tuned to social media... Continue Reading →

***SPOILER ALERT CHICKIES*** Don’t read below if you don’t want to know… Ok now that we’ve been responsible….HOLY SHIT. JR…Warden…Jessica…GIRL….I love you. Straight up, I do. Always will; but DAMN if this book did not make me FEEL that love. This book is a happy book. Books are supposed to make you laugh, cry, scream,... Continue Reading →

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