WRECKED – A J.B. Salsbury Review


If Salsbury’s SPLIT is the dark side of romance, then WRECKED is the light coming to wash it clean. Dealing with the declining health of her twin sister, Sawyer can’t deny her last request: to go to Celia’s home and pack up her things AS HER. Sawyer’s never been the outlandish twin and pushing herself to make decisions based on the flip of a coin places her in the path of a man she never would’ve met as herself.

Aden is home fresh from war and as with most soldiers, he’s torn between nightmares of the past and the unknown of his future. But when he meets Celia, or Sawyer pretending to be her, he can’t help but feel the pull. There’s something off about her; but her innocent eyes and wonder at the world around her draws him in regardless. His need to protect her is just the thing to help him focus.

I’ve had a few stories lately with veterans dealing with PTSD at different levels. Wrecked shows a man who is just that; wrecked by the loss of his men and the betrayal of his own trust. Aden cannot handle life back home and Celia seems to be a relief to him when he hasn’t been able to find it in months. Watching these two pull one another out of their shells was a wonderful journey.

I feared that Aden finding out the truth would truly shatter the remaining sense of hope he had in him. Salsbury reveals and concludes it in one of the most beautiful HEA I’ve ever read. You’ll be laughing, you’ll be crying, you’ll be hoping, but in the end all you’ll be is WRECKED!


32941294.jpg Wrecked is the new standalone novel of deliciously dark, deeply emotional contemporary romance from J.B. Salsbury, the New York Times bestselling author of Split and The Fighting Series.

When you can’t trust yourself, how can you ask anyone else to?

It’s been months since Aden Colt left the Army, and still the memories haunt him. When he moved into a boat off the California coast, he thought he’d found the perfect place to escape life.

Then Sawyer shows up, and turns his simple life upside down.

Beautiful and sophisticated, she seems out of place in this laidback beach town. Something is pushing her to experience everything she can—including Aden. But as much as he wants her, starting a relationship with Sawyer puts them both at risk.

For Aden, the past doesn’t stay there; it shows up unexpectedly, uncontrollably, and doesn’t care whose life it wrecks.








Before I started writing all I did was read. There wasn’t a contemporary romance out there that I wouldn’t pick up. One day I realized a lot of stories I was reading seemed to follow the same formula. I got frustrated with predictable outcomes and unimaginative story lines and decided that rather than scour the Internet for the kind of story I wanted to read, I’d just write it.

When I published my first book I didn’t intend to write more than the one. If I could sell six books  to six people I didn’t know I considered myself a success. But that first book sold well over six copies and I knew I couldn’t stop there.

I was bitten by the writing bug and have poured my soul into every novel I’ve penned since. Some of my books have become USA Today Bestsellers, New York Times Bestsellers, and Fighting to Forgive won a RONE Award. I couldn’t be more proud of where my writing has taken me.

I live in Phoenix with my husband and two daughters where I’m lucky to be able to do something I love and still be home to juggle carpool, field trips, and fifth-grade homework.

When I’m not writing, reading, or spending time with my family I can be found on any of the local mountain trails hiking, or at the gym when the desert temps become unbearable. I love being outside, beach vacations, and spending time with friends.

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