STRIP TEASE – An Erin McCarthy Review

Single parent romances can be tricky; making for drama and heartbreak. But McCarthy does a great job of keeping a serious matter lighthearted as two people fall in love over the daughter they created. A one night stand 8 years ago left Grace with the greatest gift of her life, her beautiful daughter. Unfortunately her prince charming gave her a fake name and a wrong phone number so she could never tell him the truth; nor give her daughter the one thing she’s wanted, a father. But one happenstance reading of an article about a charity male strip show and a handy news video and Grace is shocked to see her one night stand strutting his stuff on stage. Taking the sign from fate she travels to Brandon to reveal the truth and find out why he gave her fake information.

Brandon lives a fulfilling life; success, women, friends. His buddy’s annual charity strip show is a night of fun and games. But when a feisty brunette shows up and sparks a long ago memory, Brandon is intrigued. The truth she drops on the dance floor however….definitely not in his plan. Unlike other heroes who have had the “you’re a dad” reveal, Brandon dives head first into fatherhood. He doesn’t doubt Grace or have any negative reaction; he’s shocked but he’s a smart man who accepts the truth easily. I love that Brandon takes the time to talk with Grace and his daughter and truly get to know them…and love them.

Brandon and Grace obviously had chemistry from their one night years ago. But watching Brandon discover his place in fatherhood and Grace finding her place as co-parent was truly different from other romances I’ve read. Brandon steps back and lets Grace make all the decisions despite his desire to make up for all the years he lost. He finds the hobbies that bond him and his daughter and readers will truly feel the love shine through the pages. And when the two of them discover why Grace couldn’t’ get a hold of Brandon…prepare to LAUGH! Filled with love, light, and family this romance is swoon worthy!

A sexy CEO.
A single mom.
And a secret baby who is now eight years old…

A tipsy night in college resulted in Grace’s greatest joy–her daughter.

But now she sees the guy who gave her a fake name and number that night is stripping for a charity event without a care in the world.

When the feisty brunette confronts Brandon, finding out he has a daughter rocks his playboy world.

Grace wants answers.
Brandon wants Grace.
And Fallon wants a dad.

Is the ultimate party guy ready to strip it all bare…including his heart?

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The first two books in Erin McCarthy’s Tap That series are also available – find out more about STRIPPED DOWN and STRIP SEARCH below!

His best friend’s hot older sister.

Her younger brother’s annoying sidekick.

And one forbidden kiss in a bathroom in high school…

Sloane O’Sullivan is returning home to Minnesota, dreading turning thirty. Once the Mean Girl, she’s a lot more humble these days. And shocked to see how Little Dickie is all grown up and hot as hell, stripping at a charity event like he was born with biceps.

Working out has shed Rick Ryder of his despised childhood nickname. Now he leads a simple life. Work on cars, take care of his kid sister, have casual hookups. But when Sloane comes back to town single, he wants to finish what they started in that bathroom twelve years earlier.

It was complicated back then. It’s even more so now.

Because Sloane wrecks his bike.

And he’s her landlord.

And her brother will murder him if he has sex with her.

But sometimes you have to strip it all down to see what was there all along… even if it’s a secret.

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An introverted rich girl.

A stripper cop.

And a live-streaming kiss that threatens both their careers.

Cop Axl Moore is pretending to be a stripper for charity. But the cute blonde pulled up on stage seems to think he is the real deal.

When Leighton, director for the reality show Wedding Crashers, gets stopped by a cop she swears is actually a stripper, she’s determined to put the “f” in fun to save her job.

But their surprisingly potent kiss is caught on camera.

How do you recover from that?

A fake engagement…

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About Erin McCarthy

USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author Erin McCarthy first published in 2002 and has since written over sixty novels and novellas in teen fiction, new adult romance, paranormal, and contemporary romance. Erin is a RITA finalist and an ALA Reluctant Young Reader award recipient, and is both traditionally and indie published.

When she’s not writing she can be found sipping martinis in high heels or eating ice cream in fleece pajamas depending on the day, and herding her animals, kids, and amazing renovation-addicted husband.

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