THE BEAST – A JR Ward Review

***SPOILER ALERT CHICKIES*** Don’t read below if you don’t want to know…

Ok now that we’ve been responsible….HOLY SHIT.

JR…Warden…Jessica…GIRL….I love you. Straight up, I do. Always will; but DAMN if this book did not make me FEEL that love. This book is a happy book. Books are supposed to make you laugh, cry, scream, hang on to the edge of your seat but The Beast does all that all while filling up the well of emotions inside your soul until it’s overflowing, something Rhage doesn’t appreciate due to some brotherly teasing (Read the book and you’ll get that one hah!).

Rhage: My man, Hollywood. Seeing a whole new, vulnerable side to the big, bad, beastie was one thing (hello the little chuffs and belly rubs!). But the sensitive side of the big, bad, brother? Did. Me. In. Rhage struggles throughout the whole book with the emotions he’s holding in so he doesn’t upset his Mary. The fear of wanting to be a parent when you go in to that commitment knowing it’s not an option? Something not everyone can understand but readers can clearly tell that’s his struggle. Meanwhile Mary is struggling with the same emotions as she’s been latched on to little Bitty for two years; a girl who Mary sees herself in. Communication, my loves, that was all you needed.

Speaking of Bitty…baby girl you held your OWN against Hollywood. You re baby Rhage in a cute, girl cage. I have never been so happy to see a man become a father then the moment you fell in love with the GTO (I also may be secretly jealous that you got to DRIVE IT, HELLO!).

Now let’s get to the twists: these are spoilers you REALLY don’t want to..erm…well…spoil yourself with….

1. Scribe Virgin: First of all…bitch. Don’t make me mad at you then do some good. I SWEAR… Now that the VS is “out of commission”…who’s she appointing? Logic begs Lyric (gods that NAME. Genius, Layla. It’s fucking perfect.)

2. Jo Early: I KNEW, just KNEW, this girl was important (and not just cause she had her own view points). But I got a question: How is it that Caldwell has so many damn half-siblings running around everywhere? And Jo and Bill have a great point that Caldwell is the only place with these Lesser “sacrifice scenes” leftover, not that they know it’s Lessers but wouldn’t the Omega?(#ThatFuckerWasSCARY) want to spread out a bit? And is anyone else curious about Old Country?

3. Assail: This one’s a three parter. Baby, I am so glad you are getting your shit together. But WTF WITH THROE…I mean…I’m here for it cause Throe is hot. This gunna be a trio now? Or are we gunna get you and Marisol back together? Y’all better step up and get your own book and sort that shit. And that phone call to Marisol during the fire. MY GODS CHILD DON’T SCARE ME LIKE THAT. Rescuing Markus and getting revenge alongside Z: I am HERE FOR IT. #TheBitchDeservedWorse

Now the NEXT Book…THE CHOSEN. Finally..FINALLY Xcor and Layla. These two have been dancing hand and foot for way to fucking long. It’s about damn TIME. How’re the Brothers gunna handle this one?

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Happy Bingeing Beauties!

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